Planetbound™ is a tabletop role-playing game trilogy coming from Successor Games LLC in 2020.

If you are a role-playing gamer like me then you know what it feels like to be immersed in a great character that is involved in an epic story only to have it disrupted by cumbersome rules that interrupt the immersive experience. That is why 30 years ago I created Planetbound™!

Not only is it an intriguing sci-fi/fantasy story full of mystery and adventure where characters find themselves trapped on a single planet after a cosmic cataclysm known as Sundeath, but it has unique mechanics and rules called the Edge System™ that actually encourages story progression and playing in character.

Get ready for experiential and immersive gaming on a whole new level!

Welcome to Planetbound™!


Jeremy M. Jack
© Successor Games all rights reserved
Planetbound™ created by Jeremy M. Jack
Written by Jeremy M. Jack and Clayton Bodley
Gameplay by Jeremy M. Jack and Travis Story
Art Direction, Illustrations and Layout by Jeremy M. Jack
Edited by Matthew A. Goodwin and Kimberly Huther