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The cause of Sundeath remains an enigma. No one, not even the Lodestar, could explain why millions of stars across the Cosmos began to die at once. What was known is that the suns would simultaneously go supernova. The result would be a catastrophic loss of life in every corner of the Expanse if something could not be done to ensure survival.

The answer came with the discovery of Adytum—a single planet in the depths of space that was assured to survive the impending apocalypse. What no one could predict is that Sundeath would strand them on the planet with no way to escape... trapped...


Planetbound® Book I

The gamebook is organized in four parts:


A premise that guides players through the compelling setting and story of Planetbound from the vantage point of two protagonists who detail the peoples, nations, and factions encountered in Book I. Includes stunning illustrations that provide a consistent look and feel for the world of Planetbound.


How to play the game, including general mechanics that consider character exertion; conventional and nova "magic" skill use; one-on-one, multiple combatants, and ranged combat; thorough damage calculations including consequences and penalties; combat techniques that are an exciting addition to combat encounters. All with in-depth rule descriptions, detailed step-by-step mechanic sequences, easy to use tables and flowcharts, and gameplay examples for clarity.


How to create a character for the game, including step-by-step character creation instructions using the detailed character sheet. Featuring 3 unique playable peoples, 12 different archetypes that define a character's role in the game, and 10 vocations with multiple "sub-class" expertise skills to choose from, providing gamers with a multitude of player character options.


Resources for the game, including tracking sheets for character status, multiple combatants combat sequences, damage calculations, and character progression; weapon, armor, and equipment specifications; detailed instructions for how the Game Master and Rule Master work together to craft games for players; plus a premise glossary with pronunciation guides and a comprehensive index to easily reference the Die-Strength System.

Print and Digital Editions

Hardcover and softcover editions printed in beautiful premium color for a high-end gaming experience. Formatted and color coded for ease-of-use. Each page is labeled on the outside edge for quick navigation.

Digital (PDF) edition features thorough bookmarks and links for quick navigation. Audio buttons provide players with an immersive story experience for the premise and a pronunciation guide for the glossary.

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