Planetbound™ is a science fiction/fantasy tabletop role-playing game where gamers play characters of unique species from the vast reaches of space that have been inexplicably trapped on a single planet after a cosmic cataclysm known as Sundeath. Players take on the role of characters with unique abilities that have individual ambitions and goals who set out on an epic adventure across a rich and compelling world full of mystery and intrigue to discover if they will ever escape... Planetbound.



“What I love about playing Planetbound is the creative freedom and versatility. In addition to the myriad species and classes already established in the world, there is always room for something new. Planetbound is more conducive to player creativity than anything else we were running at the time, and anything I’ve run since. My fondest memories of role-playing are comprised mostly of experiences I had in Planetbound.”

— Travis Story, Master Fella
“My attraction to role playing was born of spending time with my friends, being creative, and having fun, and mostly in that order. Books filled with rules never appealed to me, although I spent plenty of time immersed in those as well. It was Planetbound that taught me there are no limits to what you can combine and enlist to weave a powerful narrative. And my main Planetbound character Kheldar is the first I was ever able to truly slip into the mind of, in order to react as he would rather than as I thought he would. Rules and dice rolls should serve only as a guide to story, not the focus. Planetbound is uniquely designed to guide, but never limit.”
“Cap” Kirk Smith, Master Fella
"What I love most about playing Planetbound with the fellas, is the endless variety of possible stories that each character can experience while on their journey. It's that ability to use the expansive material to tell a multi-chapter story, while still being free enough to let each player determine their own destiny."

— Paul Luna, Master Fella


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Planetbound™ created by Jeremy M. Jack
Written by Jeremy M. Jack and Clayton Bodley
Gameplay by Jeremy M. Jack and Travis Story
Art Direction, Illustrations and Layout by Jeremy M. Jack
Edited by Matthew A. Goodwin and Kimberly Huther