What Makes a HARDCORE Game?

Successor Games defines a HARDCORE game in four essential components:


(the premise and setting)

A hardcore game has an intriguing premise and a fully fleshed out setting—a living, breathing world where players enjoy getting lost with their friends, and coming back to play feels like returning “home.”


(the rules and mechanics)

A hardcore game has the “5 Cs.” Comprehensive rules and mechanics that are clear in presentation, concise in explanation, consistent throughout the system, and complementary to the fluff.


(the design and illustrations)

A hardcore game is beautifully designed for quick and easy navigation, and filled with stunning, consistent illustrations complementary of the fluff and crunch.


(the role-playing)

A hardcore game is designed to encourage role-playing and, with a gamut of options by which to customize their characters, reward gamers for playing in-character.

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