The rules to play Planetbound are called the Die-Strength System. The term “die-strength” is used to denote a single die in its relation to other dice in a polyhedral dice set. The polyhedral set used in the Die-Strength System is a d2-d12 with the d20 used in specific circumstances.


  • The Rule Master (RM): Introducing a new player role at the table who runs the Die-Strength System allowing the Game Master and players to stay immersed in storytelling and role-playing.

  • Crunch Up Front: The RM calculates all mechanics first, leading the players to an edge-of-your-seat single die roll.

  • Attribute-Based: Every character specification and action taken in the game is governed by one or more attributes.

  • d20: As they advance their characters, players gain d20s that can be used to gainadvantage in a particular scenario and potentially take the reins of the storytelling.

  • Critical Variables: The performance of skills (Conventional and Nova) considers situational variables—presented in easy-to-use tables—player characters must overcome.

  • Dynamic Combat Mechanics: Using easy-to-follow flow charts, players are guided through one-on-one and multiple combatant battle. In ranged combat, critical variables, in easy-to-use tables, determine how difficult a particular shot or throw may be. And in each variation of combat, general and vocation-specific combat techniques can be leveraged to gain advantage in the fight.

  • Comprehensive Damage Mechanics: The type of damage being inflicted is compared to the resistance against that damage type and includes the potential for reciprocal damage.

  • Dual Character Advancement System: A character progresses using milestones determined by both their archetype and vocation, the combination of which gives the GM a tool for creating adventures unique to the characters at the table. No need for pre-made modules here!

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